Hair Weaves (Black Girls)

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This segment is about Black Females that can’t live without their Weaves. Love it or Hate it. Truth is always True! Thanks for watching. This segment is real…


Tamika Warren says:

Interesting video!!!

Terell Moore says:

Biggest turn off seriously, if black men were trying to look the opposite
of black I wonder how would they feel, the sad part is the majority won’t
ever wear their own hair no matter how much men prefer natural.

Petrolia Harding says:

Eye opener to obsessed weavers.

Kami Kani says:

weaves are getting to be played out because of the high cost and scarcity
of the hair…natural hair products are all over the place..even at the
dollar general they have a brand just for natural hair…I just don’t get
the extreme long hair weaves that isn’t fooling anybody or the outrageous
colors like blonde, red, or even pink…I don’t have a problem with the
ones who get weaves to match their own hair texture and realistic hair

LC says:

I wear my natural hair and love it!

Setxboy says:

Black women hate their own image. Black women, especially those from an
“urban” community have long since indoctrinated by western culture[white
America]. Why would a black woman wear dog hair[weave] on top of her own
God given natural hair? They believe what we have been taught by western
culture. They have been seduced to believe that “Black” isnt beautiful.
Anything that resembles an endemic African physiology; a flared nose,
robust lips, coarse hair cropped close to the scalp and sheened skin that
is as black as tar isnt beautiful. Black women in the 21st century are
still being “civilized” by white ideology. In addition, they are blinded
by what we have been taught by descendants of slave masters. Whats most sad
is….. you cant tell them theyre wrong. 


How are you gonna tell us to love our hair but at the same time tell us its
nothing wrong with perming it, straighting it with a hot comb or chopping
our hair off? Smh I feel you on the weave but we have to embrace the beauty
of our natural texture of our hair.

Tishomengia Lott says:

Sonblack women have long hair

kiara brinkley says:

I can say that I am a African American woman that was blessed with a full
head of hair that I do not relax. There are ways of getting ya hair
straight with just a flat iron. I would never spend money on sew ins . To
anyone who wear that to each is on but being natural is awesome.

beatman153 says:

Da truth gena Torres

TWB says:

they look like transvestites

april farrington says:

A Lot Of Reason I Have To Wear Wigs & Hats I Loss All My Hair From Cancer

treeshab says:

I wear weaves, but I buy the kinkiest weaves, do I still want to be white?

QaraahFilms™ LETZ TALK says:

New Segment-Hair Weaves. On
Letz Talk Show.

TrinaKay says:

I never put weave in my hair. I am growing out the relaxer. Natural black
hair is beautiful!!

ttenkrut says:

Break it down then!! Classic

QaraahFilms™ LETZ TALK says:

That’s beautiful

Roxy Maria says:

I think Nubian Knots are sexy too!

Dawayad777 says:

hey ach, the soundtrack in the beginning of this show , is slick , is there
a way that I could purchase a CD with this very track , lasting 5mins , if
so let me know ?

Jay Tee says:

Isaiah 3:16 Moreover the LORD saith, Because the daughters of Zion are
haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and
mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet: 17-Therefore the
Lord will smite with a SCAB ON THE CROWN OF THY HEADS of the daughters of
Zion, and the LORD will discover their secret parts. This Is Why Black
Women are Like this, It is a Curse they Must repent and walk away from.
They Lost their Glory(hair) and they know it Spiritually.

49jubilee says:

This is how the asians took over the black haircare business. There are
even books IN KOREAN with black women on them, and blacks cant read korean
with all the circles

TheMortalez says:

curly hair yes, nappy hair no , there is a difference.

pepapumkin says:

I kid you not……… a black girl walked past me with a weave about a
meter in length. I could still smell her hair when she 8 meters away, it
really stank.

Gena Torres says:


ursulaann zaid says:

Btw I stopped straighten my hair after a few years cus I started to
actually like it better when it was big and full looking more sexier than
straight now it’s gotton a bit less curly after babies and I miss it 🙁
appreciate wat u have ladies , for the record I think curly hair is way
sexier !!!

Jay Tee says:

Most Black Women say they do all that with the hair and make up etc, for
men and men’s attention, But that is a Big Fat Lie. There were many surveys
done and atleast 97% of the Men said without a doubt the Prefer Black women
with their natural Hair, no matter the length. and Black Women came up with
more excuses The Bottom Line is, They Do it for Eachother. Women go Out to
impress and compete with other Women. and they Know this. Black Men will
ALWAYS Prefer a NATURAL Black Woman. ALWAYS.

ursulaann zaid says:

And if it got wet*

Echo2526 says:

So fuck a relaxer I’m never putting that ish in my hair ever again for as
long as I live.

pl prz says:

Using black female celebs as proof that black women are envious of white
women is both ignorant and stupid. You are clearly IGNORANT of the white
supremacist Hollywood agenda. Maybe I should use MJ, Chris Brown, Sisquo,
Vybz Kartel, Sammy Sosa etc as proof that black men desire to look white
and are envious of white men? Yeh, thought so. p.s. Asian and hispanic
figureheads/celebs also whitewash themselves – does that prove those races
wish to be white too? smh

QaraahFilms™ LETZ TALK says:

One Love Ach,

birthy ombewa says:

My brother-am African from Kenya and I agree with you 100% brother-I was
disillusioned and had weaves and perms but now I love what comes out of my
roots and I wash it everyday,its clean and smells nice-Keep it up and
preach it up bro!

InfinityNebula Heaven says:

THese disgusting weaves also have curses in them as the indians sacrifice
their hair when shaven off to demonic deities which causes possession of
the females that put it on their heads hence scalp cancer forehead cancer
etc this is the sickness of the rebellious black female in america they are
still bed wenches to white supremacy and the slave master- Black females
always told massa of slave rebellions black women are too far gone to save
now let em go

TrinaKay says:

You got me HOLLERING over her..LMBO

YoYo32071 says:

What about BLK woman who have scalp problems or have that disease? I have a
6 yr old and from time to time I put braids in her hair. It’s that o.k.? I
hear a lot of BLK woman say they put weave in their hair to protect their
real hair. I mean to say cancer, alpeocia etc. Love your videos!

QaraahFilms™ LETZ TALK says:

okay fem: I can’t u are a mess LMAO Thanks for watching. Y.Q

QaraahFilms™ LETZ TALK says:

The moral of the story and the TRUTH is. White Females don’t have to wear
it. Black females want white women hair,Mexican,Cuba,Brazilian,Asian,India
etc.. Women whom wear weaves don’t wash their hair but ever 30 to 60 days.
The other race of women with naturally straight hair wash their hair once a
day or every other day. I know this is a hot topic, so why not go natural ?
Stop being so emotional. When it’s Truth their is no argument.

LiquidJFunk says:

Hey Yash, another good and informative video. Feminineandfeisty yes it’s a
hindu ritual involving the people removing the hair from the yoing and
child as young as six years old hoodwinking them into thinking that they’ll
receive blessings from God if they volunteer to cut their off completely. I
say this both the consumer of this type of hair and those who give up to
those ruthless business men have volunteered themselves to be at a loss
financially and spiritually.

Echo2526 says:

Hmm hope you are not referring to all black woman only 50 of black woman
today relax their hair so it has dropped black woman are starting to love
themselves its just a slow process.

Mishayah 'Urah says:

I do hope the black women that wear weaves would come to their senses if
they could. Great vid Yash!

QaraahFilms™ LETZ TALK says:

Hey, I let you have yr ranting BTW U are wrong on a lot of things 50%
GTFOH! Black women are the main ones talking shit about everyone not all
but most. U are typical black women=The Spoke Person for all scorn black
women. You are talking out of your ass. Bashing ? Black women like you have
bash in prison black men for the last 200 yrs. Didn’t I not say not all blk
wmn. You arr sensitive women that needs to be praised. Look @ YouTube
Twerking Blk girls rule in ass shaking. Beautiful my ASS! FU!

kyndallgirl81 says:

Black women have a COMPLEXION with themselves?….lol You mean a
COMPLEX???….geez #gottalovethenatural

3268right says:

The Queens always been taught to hate them selves just as us So the hair
wouldnt be no different not knowing perms weaves an hot combs is destroying
there an mind as well I want the distaste to bring back them 60s an 70s
hair styles back that Natural no chemical shit While they straightenen they
hair The others is getting Dreads Smh

Tiffy Baby says:

White people nowadays are rocking dreads; I think because us blacks are
going natural ….. its becoming a trend in the black community now.

49jubilee says:

Asians put blond in THEIR hair, sometimes some blacks look good with blonde
hair, especially is they have ash naturally in their color

Stephanie Mcgill says:

I have ti inform you,that you need to educate yourself on terms, such as
follicle, and yack, it makes you seem as though you don’t know what you are
talking about. However I do believe that we need to learn to embrace our
own ethniticity

LovelySilkyRose says:

When all black women go natural, people will find other things to find
wrong with black women. We have more important things to focus on in the
black community. But whatever makes money or hits off of black women, it’s
all systems GO. Men are leaders, women are followers. The followers are
watching what the leaders like. Nobody talks about that.

Dawayad777 says:

the black woman lost her hair, due 2 her vain spirit , READ ISIAH 3:16-24 ,

Damon Gardner says:

Hey Yash, you spoke the truth. But can I tell you something? Never wrestle
with pigs because when you do, you become dirty just like them (if you get
my drift). I saw you go off on some particular comments that were made.
Never let anyone get you out of character.

TrinaKay says:

I mean here

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